First thing you notice when picking up the new 50mm for Leica SL is it's heft, it feels like it could belong to the S series. Compared to M's Summicron 50 mm f2 APO it seems like an overkill at first sight. Until you start shooting. Having the selective AF of the SL with this lens makes you forget about the size and enjoy the increased nailrate when shooting wide open.

The old Raffles Hotel in Singapore is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. A Lecia Store is conveniently located here as well, it makes test shooting a breeze. The lens had beta firmware and AF was rough at times, but manual focus worked well. I liked the rendering of the lens, plenty of details and still not too overly sharp. Bokeh and falloff is top-class as we expect from Leica.  Link to DNG file of the Raffles doorman is here.

The SL system is now the strongest part of Leica's offering in my view. M will remain the go-to for purists and street photographers, I see it as complimentary to the SL.